I have at least 6 reusable bags to take to the grocery store and I have remembered to bring them with me 2 times…MAX. I will pay .10 every single time I go to Target or the grocery store. My best friend Sommer always brings reusable bags and if for some reason she forgets them, she refuses to pay for the plastic bag. Even if she has 489757846343 items, she will place them all into her car individually and then carry them in her house the same way. She’s a better person than me. I have no regard for my bank account or the environment. As she always says, “I hate my money”.

Let me tell you, if I paid $600 for a plastic bag, I would use that shit every single day. It would be my purse, it would be my shopping bag, I’d put Chuck in it and carry it around the house with me. I would never even think about buying something this ridiculous. If you’re saying to yourself “Well who would pay that much for a plastic bag?”, there has to be a market for it, because it exists. French brand “Celine” first debuted this bag at fashion week last year. It’s now available for sale at the Celine X Nordstrom pop up in Seattle through May 29th. The actual price tag says $590 but after tax and buying a bag for your bag, that’s basically $600.

This is an ACTUAL plastic bag and you can see it HERE.

If I’m friends with anyone who would buy this, let’s not be friends anymore. In fact, give me the $600 you would spend on this and kindly fuck right off.