I have been hearing about and seeing more and more of these cases in the area and it makes me wonder if it’s the same person. Part of me hopes so because it means there aren’t a bunch of heartless, disgusting idiots running around the greater Sacramento area- instead just one we need to find.

This time it happened in South Sacramento off Peck Drive and Harley Way near Florin Rd. A puppy was found by someone who then took him into the Bradshaw Shelter thinking he had just been hit by a car. Once looked at by staff, they realized it was much more serious than that. It was clear from the X Rays this was blunt forced trauma to the head which Bradshaw Shelter believes is the result of cruelty. On top of that he was malnourished.

Police are looking for the owner of this puppy and whoever is responsible for the crime.

If you have any tips, dial 311.

See the video HERE.