I always think I love peeps, until I put one in my mouth and realize they are a stomach ache in a neon colored candy duck. Wait, or is it a chicken? Either way, I like the marshmallow texture I just don’t like the grainy sprinkle coating…or whatever that is.

That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t try the special edition Peeps beer being brewed by a brewery in Texas. The Collective Brewery Project in Forth Worth is teaming up with a local bar to create and distribute “Peep This Collab” and it’s actually made with marshmallow candy.

This isn’t the strangest creation they have come up with, they also make a beer that tastes like ramen noodles. SHOOK. The beer is topped with butterfly pea flower (Um what?) to give it a fun, purple shade and it also comes with edible glitter. If you’re going to be in Texas for Easter, make sure you test it out in Lone Star Taps and Caps.

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