When I was on the radio (waaaa waaaaaaaa) and on a morning show (waaaaaa waaaaaaaa) I did a daily segment called “The Rage Report”. I mean did you expect it to be called anything else? The rage report covered the top entertainment and news stories which I sometimes cared about but mostly it was just about the newest craziest thing Kanye did or another person from Florida doing something insane. Why are all the crazy people in Florida? Seriously. Now that I have my own platform to say and do whatever I want, the rage report is going to be a little bit different.

I’m going to do a weekly feature of my favorite recipes, TV shows, products, drinks, bars, restaurants, music etc. Whatever I’m obsessed with, you’re going to hear about it.

A few weeks back I told you about Grubboxx. I won’t re explain it all here, you can just read about it HERE. Since that post, we have ordered meals from Grubboxx every week with the exception of the week after the wedding (Oh I got married a few weeks ago, weeks ago) because we were recovering and something happened to me. My entire body swelled up ….swole up…whatever…I looked like the Nutty Professor. My hands, feet, ankles, legs were swollen like a balloon and I had to pop water pills till I was back to normal. Grubboxx has been our saving grace and I am not kidding, I have experienced some of the tastiest meals ever and they are HEALTHY. Let me just show you what we’ve been munchin’ on this week…

The chicken fajita bowls are our FAV. We cheat a sprinkle a little cheese on them but omg….they are satisfying my extreme Chipotle craving and they fill us up. The chicken salad wraps are our second fav and we have been eating those between meals as a snack. Don’t even get me started on the Teriyaki Sriracha Turkey Meatballs. What works for us is ordering 10 meals a week, having coffee for breakfast, eggs on toast for lunch and then a Grubboxx meal for dinner. The meals change weekly and the taste is just out of this world. Highly recommend giving them a shot, tell Vinnie I sent you.


Moving onto our next order of business, let’s talk about body wash. Last time I had to buy body wash at Target there was something new on the shelves. I am a sucker for packaging and there was some new Method body wash that had my name written all over it and that’s before I even smelled it. I sniffed them all and ended up going with the pink one. I can’t remember the scent but that’s irrelevant because you are’t getting the pink, you are getting the Coconut, Rice Milk and Shea Butter scent. IT SMELLS LIKE A FUCKING Girl Scout COOKIE. Wow, my computer just uncapitalized “Girl Scout”
and I’m not even going to go back and fix it. It’s a little pricey for body wash, it’s $6.99 and Brett gave me a dirty look when I put it into the cart but I don’t give a DAMN. My mind was telling me noooooo but my body (literally) my boddddddddddyyyyyyy was telling me yesssssss. Here’s what it looks like….



I should be getting a cut for this because I posted that on my Instagram story and at least 10 people said they went and bought it after my post. Hey Method…DM ME.


Lastly I want to talk to you about “Evil Geniuses” on Netflix. Go watch it, it’s so good and has me in the mood to watch Documentaries. If you have any good ones, drop them in the comments.