I have a laundry list of items I want to include in my weekly #Rage Report but I am the type of person who buys someone a gift and then can’t wait to give it to them so I let them prematurely open it. Which is why I’m going to stick to 3 items a week, otherwise I’ll hit you with way too many good products and we will all be overwhelmed.

I am an ABSOLUTE SUCKER for anything Bath & Body Works. Remember when Bath & Body fell off for awhile? Everything smelled like Japanese Cherry Blossom and their fragrances and brand was just played out? They seriously made a comeback, other companies should take notes because they revamped everything and became buzz worthy again. I am constantly buying candles, wallflowers, body cremes from them because they put out a GREAT product. Yes, it at times can be expensive which is why I’m only allowed supervised visitation into the store…Brett is my supervisor. We went recently because I had a coupon and we were out of hand soap which I primarily buy from there. I tricked him because that very same day I knew their new line of mermaid products came out. I’m not one of those people who is obsessed with mermaids but the packaging was pretty and as I mentioned before, I am sucker for presentation. The new items were at the very front of the store and although my coupon didn’t count with them, I talked Brett into letting me buy ONE thing from the table. I went with this….

I picked this particular one because my skin is really dry, especially in the Summer. I went and got a manicure the other day and the nail lady told me just how dry my skin was and suggested I get Gold Bond heel cream and use it all over my body. Cool, thanks. Not only is this stuff SUPER hydrating, but it smells so fucking good. Want to know how good it smells? Brett uses it. Full stop.

Here’s the back so you can check out what else makes it so great.

Onto my next order of business….BOXY CHARM. Look I have heard it all before, Ipsy or Itsy or whatever it’s called where you pay $10 or $15 and you get the little samples of shit makeup you never use. I was subscribed for way too long and the only thing I kept were the cute little bags they came in because I’m a bag hoarder. When my best friend Sommer told me about Boxy Charm, a makeup subscription I was not trying to hear it. First of all I don’t do makeup. I am a creature of habit everyday when it comes to makeup and that’s tinted MAC moisturizer, MAC bronzer, MAC eye brow pencil and voluminous mascara. Is MAC even supposed to be capitalized? I want to be better at makeup, but I just don’t know how. Side note funny story….

Since I don’t know how to do my makeup, I go get my makeup done at MAC pretty frequently. You spend $50 on product and you get it complimentary. I have been doing this for years, I run out of product, re up and get my makeup done. I LOVE Claudia at Nordstrom Arden Fair MAC and I love Kyle, he did my face once and it was flawless. I booked an appointment on Valentines day this year because Brett was taking me to Vegas. I got there and I got a girl I hadn’t seen before and she immediately told me this was a “teach and learn” appointment or some shit. I was like “whatttttttt is that?” She proceeded to tell me that they were supposed to be doing this all along but the company started implementing it and basically she did half of my face and showed me what she was doing and then I would do the other half of my face. I am dramatic and started crying immediately. It was like I was 13 and just got sent to my room, I was begging her to just do my whole face and looking back it was pathetic how desperate I was acting. On the inside I was screaming,


She ended up liking me despite my tantrum and basically did my whole face while showing me some tricks and ever since then I’m more interested in learning how to use makeup. Insert Boxy Charm. I decided to give it a shot because no matter what you get, you absolutely get your money’s worth because you get full sized products for $21. You heard me right, FULL SIZED PRODUCTS and I’m not talking no wet n wild type of shit. I get name brand expensive items, 5 in each box to be exact. For example, last month I got 5 full sized items totally up to $156 and I paid $21. Here are some of the items I have received over the past few months….

I’m telling you, it’s worth it to even test it out for a month. Right when you sign up you get put on a waiting list but I think I only had to wait a week or two to actually become a member. Check out their instagram page, they always post sneak peaks of what’s to come and if you do decide to sign up (shameless plug) use my code and click on this link, it’ll take you right to the page… https://www.boxycharm.com/refer/Megan-YOEUVPCN

**When I logged on to get that code, I saw an alert that there is no waitlist right now so DO IT.

Last but not least, I’m going to share a recipe that Brett and I have been making for months and have now perfected. When we were doing Keto, or trying to do Keto, we came across this recipe, made it, loved it and we still make it now only we eat it with Naan bread. It’s a called Keto Butter Chicken—->> CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE 

I CRAVE this meal, it is seriously so so so so so so good. Last Friday we had a girls night and we made it for a group of girls who don’t normally eat food like this, who are intimidated by the word “Curry” but ended up loving it. I had never had curry before I met Brett, I had never had Indian food at all but let me tell you, it’s moving to that number one spot. There’s an Indian food restaurant downtown that we love, Bombay and they have a coconut chicken on the menu that is my favorite so we tried to make it using the keto butter chicken recipe and it ended up being the best one we have ever made. So if you’re into coconut and want to give it a shot, just replace the heavy cream in the recipe with…..coconut coffee creamer. I know it sounds weird but we tried other coconut substitutes and we just could not taste the coconut. Here’s another tip, we melt goat cheese and garlic butter on the Naan and it’s amazing. Here are some pics just to get your mouth watering…