I hate Grape. Okay read that again before you get hella hyphy with me. I don’t hate GRAPES, I just hate anything grape flavored. Always have up until like a month ago. I normally drink a lot of water and so does Brett but the difference is, he likes to put things in his water and I normally just drink mine straight up. Since he’s been here we have been buying those Crystal Light packets you put in your water like they are going out of style. Brett normally always has one mixed in with his water and every once in awhile I partake. Fruit Punch was the flavor of choice until about a month ago when we went to Target and they were on sale. Side note- don’t ever buy them from Raley’s….they are like $1.50 to $2 more expensive there. So the sale at target was 5 for $5 so Brett got 5 different flavors and one of them was Grape.

I took a sip of this ON ACCIDENT and omg it was the best accident that’s ever occurred in my life. It doesn’t even taste like grape, it tastes like punch with grape undertones. HAHAHAHA I sound like I work at a winery for Crystal Light. Do yourself a favor, even if you’re a grape hater like me, TRY IT, ASAP.


I haven’t been shopping in a LONG time. Brett took me shopping for my birthday and bought me a dress but other than that I can’t remember the last time I was in a store trying things on. For starters I hate the mall and I hate trying clothes on. The lighting is never right in the dressing rooms, I always get all hot and I never try anything on that’s outside of my comfort zone. When I worked for the radio station we had things called endorsements and it’s exactly like it sounds. Companies would pay us to use their product and talk about it. I’ve had some good endorsements and bad ones over the years but my favorite one was Stitch Fix. I say that because even after my endorsement with them ended, I continued to use their product. Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that’s done online. You sign up, take a quiz that will pinpoint what your general style is and fill out your sizes and what you’re most comfortable in. You can also set a price range you want to stay in. After that you schedule your first “fix” is what they call it. You can leave a note for your stylist about what you’re looking for. The one I just left for mine says,

“I’m really tan right now so yellow and green’s are my jam. I am going to Vegas next month and I’m looking for things to wear in the daytime and nighttime, nothing that covers too much skin because it’s hot there and I don’t like things that crowd my neck. I am still after more jean shorts, a looser fit is what I like the most and I’d love to find some of those strappy summer shoes with a smaller heels that I can actually walk in.” 

My stylist ( WHO I LOVE) will read my note and try to satisfy allll my requests. The app will tell me when my fix is getting styled and then it will also tell me when it’s been shipped. It normally takes around 2-3 days to get to me and comes in a medium sized box. Every time you get a fix, $20 comes out of your account but you then use that towards items in your box. When you open the box you will see an envelope with an item list, a photo grid of what type of clothing items you can pair each article of clothing with and a note from you stylist. It also obviously includes the 5 items…did I already say that’s how many items you get each month? Well it’s 5 and it can be anything from shoes to dresses to accessories. My stylist has gotten to know me over the months and she never sends me any accessories because I would never wear them and I refuse to spend $30 on a necklace. Your box also comes with a prepaid bag to send anything you don’t like back. You try on your items and you keep what you want and send whatever you don’t want back free of charge. If you buy all 5 items, you get a 25% off discount which I like but sometimes it’s a pain because say you like everything except for one thing. It’s still cheaper to buy that one item then to send it back. You can also exchange things for a bigger or smaller size and they send it right out to you. After you’ve decided what you’re keeping and what you’re sending back you get online and you rate each item. You tell them if you thought the quality of the item was good, if you thought it was too expensive etc. Then you have the opportunity to write your stylist a note for next time. Over time you stylist really gets to know you AND if you don’t like the person that styled you, you can switch for a new one. When I first started I liked my girl but then she sent me some crap so I switched her for the girl I have now and like I said, I love her. There’s also a style quiz you can take on FB every morning. Stitch fix sends me a message on FB every morning and it’s 3 quizzes. It will send you an image of an article of clothing or shoes or an accessory and you give it the thumbs up emoji if you like it, or the thumbs down if you don’t. Your stylist will look at that too when they are picking your clothes and really get to know what you like and what you don’t like. You can also make a “Stitch Fix Style Board” on Pinterest and pin things you like and they will look at that as well. My stylist even looks at my Instagram to see what I normally wear. I never have to deal with the mall and I get new clothes all the time. You can schedule it so you get one a month, more than one a month, one every 2 months, it’s totally up to you. I have so many people hooked on this, INCLUDING…..BRETT. He has been getting a fix almost every month, although he did skip this month because there just isn’t enough closet space. I love it and could go on and on about it but I won’t, I’ll just leave you with this link to get started….CLICK HERE. That will take you right to my referral page! Here’s one of my most recent favorite outfits sent from my stylist and I would NEVER normally wear something like this. She just learned my body type and sent me something flattering…


Last but not least, I see a lot of people constantly posting about dry shampoo suggestions and I have one for you. I love dry shampoo, I literally don’t know what I’d do without it considering I try to only wash my hair a couple times a week. I’ve tried a bunch of dry shampoo’s over the years and this one is by far my favorite. It’s by Kristin Ess which is only sold at Target. I actually use all of her hair products but we will get into that another day.

Not only does this make my hair look way cleaner than any other dry shampoo but it smells better and it last a lot longer. I will say that it’s $14 but the product is worth it. I went from buying a $3 dry shampoo to this and I don’t normally do things like that so you know I really love it. Just watch out because her finishing spray is in the exact same packaging, I’ve made that mistake a few times. For all you blondies out there, she also has a temporary rose gold hair tint that I wish I could try but I obviously can’t. Target, Target, Target! Oh and follow her on Instagram to keep up with new products and updates. Here’s her @ along with a pic of someone who used that hair tint I was talking about!