Lots of shocking basketball news in the past 24 hours, I feel like I’m watching reality tv. We all know Boogie’s been recovering from a torn Achilles injury, and now he’s about to be a Warrior. ESPN said,

“The Warriors represent an outstanding chance to recover from his injury, show his health and rejoin the free-agent market again next year.”

No big deal just a cool $5.3 mill during that year. If the Kings V Warriors games weren’t already packed, they’re about to be. If you keep up with him on Instagram you know he’s been getting ready for something big. He’s been working hard on that recovery and he’s been eating hella good. Have you seen that girl Sam that occasionally cooks for him? I need her in MY kitchen. As a Kings fan who loves Boogie, I don’t like this. It’s like when a girl you can’t stand starts dating your ex boyfriend and you look at them and think “ew”.

I don’t know all the logistics of it all and I don’t know shit about sports so you can read more HERE.