DUDDEEEEE, when I started watching Monday nights episode of “The Bachelorette” I was like “this is dumb everyone knows Jason is going home this is a waste of an episode. I did NOT expect to cry my eyes out and completely fall in love with the type of person he is. It wasn’t until Becca came to the table at dinner to send him home that he really started to get my attention. I mean of course I’ve taken notice to him this season, he looks exactly like a grown up Andrew Keegan, if Andrew Keegan would have grown up to be hot.

I mean comeeee onnnn…..


The way he was just so calm cool and collected about her trying to send him home, the way he was reasoning with her, he just seems so genuine. Then, he came back to get some closure in a very respectful way AND made her a scrapbook! Like come on. Then he went a step further and posted this on his Instagram….

This journey for love was not supposed to be easy. I left heartbroken, but the experience with @bkoof made it all worth it. Coming into this I had built up walls to avoid emotional risk. I completed this journey with a refreshed emotional connection, and a stronger alignment between my head and heart. I learned that it’s okay to be vulnerable. It’s okay to show and share my emotions. This life-changing journey taught me how crucial it is to face your fears and understand what has sparked your pain. It’s in confronting those emotions that we can find the right energy and positivity to share with our family, friends, community, and most importantly ourselves. As I close this chapter, I am extremely grateful to my family for their unconditional support. I also owe a big thank you to my friends who have been so encouraging throughout this rollercoaster, including those who came to surprise me in Richmond and Hometowns. As surreal as this is to say, THANK YOU to the thousands of loving people who have sent comments, emails, messages and social media likes. Your support has left “my damn cheek bones hurting from smiling so much.” Lastly, thank you, Becca. You made me a stronger man and put me in the right state of mind to find a best friend and life partner.  You are an amazing person and as you know, I will always be rooting for your happiness. Love you all!

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This guy is a class act, there is no way in HELL he’s not going to be the next Bachelor, I’m calling it right now and here’s how I know. I haven’t seen any previews nor has ABC teased the fact that Jason will be in paradise. The public is also rooting for Colton to be Bach but he WILL be in paradise which makes me think he’s for sure out of the running plus he’s a virgin and if they were going to put a hot virgin in the main seat, they would have made Becca Tilley the Bachelorette a long time ago. I think Garrett wins this season thank god because I could not deal with him as the Bachelor not that I think he would get picked anyways and while I do love Blake, I don’t think he’s Bachelor material. I think Jason really won America over on Monday night and he just seems like the obvious, smart choice. Moral of the story is I don’t like that he got sent home but I would like it if he became the Bachelor.

I posted about how International Delights was releasing an Oreo coffee creamer. We found it last night at Target and I’ll spare you…..it doesn’t taste like Oreos.

I was so excited to wake up and try it this morning and while it didn’t taste bad by any means, I can’t exactly tell you what it tasted like. I will definitely finish it, but I wouldn’t buy it again. Trust me, spend your money on something you know you love, not something you’re curious about. Ain’t no damn reason to be curious about this.

Another thing I posted about on my story a couple weeks ago that people were DMing me about…….

These bad boys, the vodka popsicles from Costco. Remember when you were in high school and you used to drink Smirnoff ice and then you tried to drink it as an adult and you were like, “NOPE”. Yea, same for this shit. It’s sugary heartburn and hangover in a plastic pouch and I want no part of it. They don’t even really taste good and because there’s alcohol in them, they don’t freeze all the way. I think they were like $18 or something too, that big ass bottle of Kirkland Vodka isn’t even $18. Next party or potluck I’m invited to, I’m bringing these so look alive.