Mandy Moore was on with Jimmy Kimmel last night and she dropped some MAJOR news although the headline did deceive me a bit when I clicked on it earlier. The headline which was similar to mine above, lead me to believe this upcoming season was the last season of “This Is Us”. I thought that because the headline also revealed that some of the last episode HAS ALREADY BEEN TAPED!!! Anxiety, I feel it too but don’t worry, it doesn’t mean the end is near. Here’s the clip…..

So basically it’s going to end with the characters at the age they are now which confuses me because they already add prosthetics to make them look older so that leads me to believe they needed their younger selves in the final scene? I can’t wrap my mind around what creator Dan Fogelman could be planning but I’m dying to know how many more seasons we have left of “This Is Us” because I literally cannot picture my life without it. Does it end with flashbacks of them at all stages in life which is why some scenes have already been filmed? So.Many.Questions.

This is one of those things where I’m dying to know what all of this means and how it all ends but I in no way shape or form want it to be over. I guess I’ll just have to hold myself over by googling fan theories. Do you have any?