If you didn’t know, the Carr Fire started on July 23rd when a flat tire caused a rim riding trailer to drag across the pavement causing sparks. The nearby brush mixed with the sparks is what ignited the tragic Carr Fire that still isn’t contained. The Carr Fire has also claimed the lives of 8 people, 3 of which were firefighters.

The names of the couple who were driving the trailer have not been released but when Rachel Pili was attending church last Sunday, she met a firefighter who’s mother lives next door to the couple. This firefighter said the woman involved has been really struggling with guilt, crying most days. Pili sent the firefighter home with a card expressing her sympathy. Later that night, she felt like she needed to do more, so she took to Facebook with the following message,

“Many of us have been praying for this man, 81. I learned that his wife is blaming herself for the Carr Fire because she asked him to take the trailer in the first place. She has been crying day and night on her couch. They live several miles away from Redding.”

The amount of support that came from that post, was incredible. As the post grew, so did the amount of people wanting to offer their support so Pili started taking mail at her office. She works as an executive director of Care Net Pregnancy Center in Redding, according to MSN. Pili recruited the help of a friend to go through the letters before they are sent off to the couple to make sure they are positive and encouraging and according to them, so far they have been.

Pili said she hopes they  “feel the love and forgive themselves. I think the fire has caused us to look into each other’s eyes and discover the human kindness in us,” Pilli said. “People have been so generous. It’s a beautiful story of hope and community.”

You can see the Facebook post HERE.