To be honest, I wasn’t going to click on this link when I first saw the story because I didn’t want to be tempted to buy something new. However…I’m glad I did because it’s HELLLLA cute and HELLLA cheap.

The Baloray lunch box is going viral because not only is it a super cheap way to bring your lunch to work (a lot better than the Nordstrom bag I carry mine around in) but it’s also super cute. It doesn’t even look like a lunch box, it looks like a small tote. This lunch box is getting the most action on Pinterest and to be honest, I was expecting it to be out of stock when I searched it on Amazon but it wasn’t and I for sure bought one because I have no self control.

It’s $13.99 btw and you can find it by searching “Baloray Lunch Box”.

Great, ┬ánow everyone is about to show up to work putting the same damn lunch box in the fridge and Sandra is going to end up stealing David’s lunch and you know David is the type to go to HR for something like that. **Limit one per office HA.