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I’m sure there are a lot of you who like me, tune out of things during the weekend. Unplug from social media a little bit, don’t pay attention to entertainment news or gossip. I bring you my new segment “WTHH This Weekend” which obviously stands for- “What The Hell Happened This Weekend’. Here we goooooo…..

First of all, the fact that MTV is about to release some show involving Lindsay Lohan made me feel like she had partially gotten her act together. The lie detector said….

She was in Moscow when she approached a homeless Syrian family on the street. Talking in a strange accent, she asked them to tell her their story, she was filming this for IG live by the way. The live video was ten minutes long but the end result was the family trying to walk away from Lindsay who then accuses them of trafficking their kids. Lindsay finally reaches out to grab one of the boys hands and the mom PUNCHED HER IN THE FACE!!!!! This is not a drill. All the sudden the camera goes all over the place and she picks it up and starts talking like the American she is and says she was just attacked. TMZ has a recap of what happened and it might be the best thing you’ll watch today. See it HERE.

I read dates wrong all the time so on Saturday when I checked for Kanye’s new album on Apple music and didn’t see it, I just thought I got my dates mixed up. I texted ShortE who told me it was getting released after his appearance on SNL which of course I missed because I was out on the piss.


verb: to be drinking alcohol
(see also “piss = beer” and “piss head = alcoholic“)
He’s really on the piss tonight!
Sunday morning I woke up and again searched for “Yahndi” and came back with nothing. I hit my source (Short) again before even resorting to Twitter which is where I should have gone directly. I found out that I missed a Kanye rant after SNL wrapped up on sat night and I also missed Ye and Lil Pump perform “I love it” dressed up as water bottles.  Check it out…

Anddd the rant…

Of course all the Twitter reactions had me DYING.

Today, Kanye appeared on TMZ Live where he said that the new release date for Yandhi is November 23rd aka black Friday. He wants to go to Africa to finish the album so that he can get inspired and “Draw energy from the earth there”. You can watch all that HERE.

I’m sure you missed some other shit over the weekend, but that’s what’s worth talking about.