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Brett and I have a regular Tuesday routine; We go grab dinner somewhere and see a $5 movie. We have also been doing the 16:8 and we try to fast until dinner on Tuesday’s so when the time rolls around…..weeeee readdddddyyy.

I took Brett to Chipotle for the first time last night. I had brought him a burrito home once before but I think it was cold and it’s not the same as doing it yourself. As we walked up he said, “what else am I getting with my burrito?” I told him to not be fooled by his extreme hunger, a burrito was enough. I went ahead of him in line and got my normal burrito bowl, white rice with chicken. Brett got to the first stage of his order and when she said to him “white or brown rice?” he said “yes”. HAHAHAHA that’s cute. I told him he had to pick one, I mean I guess he could have picked two but I knew he didn’t want to, he just didn’t know what the hell was going on. We got a little further down the chain of command and he said “can I get a little bit of everything?” and I told him the sky was the limit while also informing the Chipotle employee that it was his first time. His burrito was MASSIVE and while he loved it, he did admit that he liked mine better because the burrito doesn’t allow you to get a taste of everything in one bite. He also said he thought the inside of Chipotle was going to be more of a restaurant with a bar.

I am pretty much a creature of habit at Chipotle and always get a burrito bowl but every once in awhile I channel my inner 5 year old and get a cheese quesadilla. How have nachos never crossed my mind? I feel like some bomb ass nachos could be made at Chipotle and they are actually being tested at their test kitchen in Manhattan called NEXT. According to Foodbeast, NEXT is a public test kitchen where all the food you’ve wanted to create yourself at Chipotle, can be made a reality. The head chef said he gets a lot of inspiration from his customers, often asking them what crazy combinations they’d put together if they were behind the sneeze glass.

Things that have been created at NEXT is the quesadilla with meat and beans on the side, a frozen Paloma (yea they test drinks too), even an avocado tostada, their spin on avocado toast. But the thing I’d really like to see hit the shelves are the nachos. No word if any of these items will hit Chipotle’s nationwide but nothing is stopping you from going in a creating this yourself.