What the hellllllll happened this weekend?

First of all I saw “A Star Is Born” and I am normally not by any means, a Lady Gaga fan but OMG I love her now. She was phenomenal, actually she was better than that! GO SEE IT, from someone who didn’t want to see it at all and ended up loving it. Bring tissue.

Let’s just start off addressing the elephant in the room, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. Can we have a moment in silence for their 1st grade relationship that lasted about 4 recesses? Do I think that the death of Mac Miller had something to do with their split? Yes. Do I think that they wouldn’t have eventually broken up and called off the engagement had he not passed? Also yes. I feel bad for Pete though because I think he has some mental health issues that he’s addressed in the past and I feel like even though reports say this breakup was “mutual” I feel like it was more her than him and that will probably take a toll on his happiness. Can’t wait to see if the writers at SNL decide to run with this story and poke fun at it next week.

Here’s some of the best tweets about the breakup…



The Aubrey and the Three Migos tour stopped at Staples Center on Sat night. Drake was performing “SICKO MODE” with Travis Scott and he also brought Lebron James on stage and for some reason, this clip brought me so much joy. I mean look at how much energy he has…click HERE to see the link from TMZ. It got me thinking and I wonder if that was a rush for him. Like I wonder if it felt any different than playing basketball in front of an arena full of people. Either way, I loved seeing his big ass jumping around on stage. Speaking of Drake and Lebron…peep THIS SHIT….

Kanye is a cold piece of work. I wonder if he will ever be right in the head again. You can watch the full clip here…


Kanye West…is in Africa. 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are having a baby. There were rumors after the other royal wedding over the weekend, Georgiania or whatever, because Meghan was wearing a navy coat that she never took off. This morning, Kensington Palace announced that she is pregnant with their first child that is due in Spring, right around their one year anniversary. They clearly didn’t waste any time.There are already guesses on the name of the child although I feel like the name will end up being something unconventional. One thing we know for fact, this child will be 7th in line for the crown which means he/she probably won’t get it but hey….you never know.

Is anyone paying attention to this Ronda Rousey V The Bella Twins beef? I thought WWE was fake so why is all this trash talking all over my TMZ feed?

And that’s what the HELLLLL happened this weekend. #Rage