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Brett and I went to Coscto last week and came across some alcoholic eggnog in the alcohol section. Brett was saying he had never tried eggnog and I wasn’t sure if this was the best introduction but we bought it anyways. I think it was like 14.9% or something like that and before we even checked out I was googling what to mix with eggnog that already had alcohol in it. I came up short, every article told me what alcohol to mix with eggnog.

My guess was coffee, so we came home and made some boozy eggnog coffee and it wasn’t good. Later, Brett just poured himself a glass of the eggnog and was almost immediately sick. We poured the rest down the drain….I think I will let him give regular ol eggnog a spin when we get more into the holiday season. It’s not time yet, it’s still in the mid 80’s outside.

Let’s let Three Olives give this eggnog business a shot. They came out with an eggnog flavored vodka that’s 60-proof, with 30 percent ABV. According to Delish, you can drink it hot or cold which seems strange to me, like can I put my vodka in the microwave? Or does that just mean I can put it into hot chocolate or something? Either way its way healthier than the real deal, I never realized how fattening eggnog is. On average, a cup of eggnog has 210 calories, 20 grams of sugar, and almost 11 grams of fat while this vodka is 70 calories per fluid ounce and 105 per shot.

Three Olives described it as having a sweet whipping cream taste at first before getting into the flavor of spices including cinnamon. It also has undertones of orange peel and caramel. If you test it out, let me know what you think, it’s already on shelves for $17.99!