I don’t know why but this freaked me out but I also thought it was pretty cool…..for her. This bride is a Little Mermaid super fan and all her dreams came true on her wedding day but not because she married the man of her dreams. Her parents arranged for the real life voice of Ariel, Jodi Benson to come to the wedding AND SING. At first when Jodi was talking I was thinking that she sounded nothing like the little mermaid but then when she started singing she turned it ON. I’ve seen videos of Drake showing up to weddings, John Travolta, Katy Perry even BeyoncĂ© and if any of them showed up to a wedding you’d know who they were right off the bat and be pumpppped. Jodi showed up and even though the bride looked ecstatic, she also had this look of “is this really happening? I feel uncomfortable”.

To top it off, sitting in a chair while a cartoon character sings you a Disney song just makes me cringe. Check out the video HERE.

I give this a 10 on the awkward scale even though I’m sure a lot of die hard Disney fans will fight  me on that.

Source: MSN