My Monday nights suck now that I don’t have any of the bachelor shows to watch/tweet about. Brett is happy for a break, at least he says but he is now getting into the franchise more than he’d like to admit. Was I pumped about the announcement of Colton as the bachelor? No. But I also wasn’t excited about Becca or Arie and bad things come in 3’s so I’m really hoping for a fan fav after this season. Just because I don’t like the chosen one, doesn’t mean I won’t be front and center for the season. There are some TV shows that I will record and I will wait a couple days or even a week to watch, i.e. “The Challenge” “The Mayans”, “Manifest” etc. There are also shows I have to watch IMMEDIATELY and those are “This Is Us” and anything from the bachelor franchise. I am guessing Coltonn’s SZN will air in January and I’m starting to go through withdrawals so I was pumped when TMZ posted this clip.

This clip is from the Denver area which is where Colton is from so does this mean we are already at the hometown point of the program? If so, this girl has made it and they look like they have great chemistry. Thinking about them already being on hometowns blows my mind because they haven’t even been filming that long, really puts things into perspective as far as falling in love fast goes. In the clip, they are out in public walking around while holding hands and making out. Can I please just point out that everyone around them doesn’t even seem to bat an eye to the fact that they are filming a scene from “The Bachelor” right next to them. If I saw a film crew out in public I WOULD ACT A DAMN FOOL!!! Okay enough about me, check out the clip HERE.