I used to be one of those people that freaked out over pumpkin spice season but I haven’t purchased one single pumpkin spice anything from Starbucks this year. I did however get a super yummy pumpkin soup at Target, it was their brand and it was in the refrigerated section right next to lobster bisque that had been expired for 2 weeks. Anyways I ate it yesterday for lunch and it was so nice and creamy, it ignited my pumpkin taste buds and now I want to go on a pumpkin spree. For those of you who make fun of people who like pumpkin, get over it. So what your taste buds are different, it’s no different from someone loving the taste of brussel sprouts. Delish is my go to for all cooking needs and they featured a list of 15 pumpkin pasta recipes and I honestly don’t know which one I want to try first, they all look so good. Scroll through and find your favorite HERE.