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I feel like Costco wins the shopping in bulk popularity contest but I’m considering switching memberships just to try these two things on the Sam’s Club food court secret menu. First of all , if you’re a fan of pizza and salted pretzels (two of my favorite things, if they could sprinkle some Kraft mac & cheese on top this would be a total win) then they have the thing for you. They take their soft pretzel and douse it with marinara and cheese and put some pepperoni’s on top, bake it and boom….you have their “Pizza Pretzel”. Don’t feel weird about ordering it, according to FoodBeast, every employee knows and is able to make this secret menu item.

Nexxxxxt up is this bad boy…..

That’s an icee floaty. It’s icee and ice cream and it looks heavenly. I lied earlier when I said I wanted to switch from Costco to Sam’s, but I would appreciate someone taking me so I can try both of these things in the near future.