I was going to dive right back into my normal routine of food an entertainment news but then I realized I’ve been MIA for at least two weeks and that’s weird so instead, I’m about to get all “Are You There God, It’s Me, Megan” on all y’alls.

I think I’ve posted before about how I’m working on a work/life balance since starting a new job and it’s still a work in progress. I work a regular 9-5 now and then I come home and do normal people stuff like make dinner and go to the gym and watch the 978776687 shows I’m into. When I say “make dinner” I mainly mean that I chop a few things and get the plates out. I know I should make time for my website because since I no longer have radio in my life, it’s my main passion but it’s just hardddd. I don’t like to half ass my posts and 3 of them can easily take me an hour and a half. Plus we just moved and I was sick for what felt like a year and things have just been crazy but these are just all excuses. I need to be better about the things in life that make me happy and the more I talk to my friends about that, the more I realize there are so many people who struggle in the same areas I do.

My best friend Sommer and I have a monthly wax date. Our friend Magenta is the brow MASTER, she is literally amazing and I have so many people hooked on her #ad. Because she is also our friend, we end up chit chatting a lot and Magenta is so motherly. You’re probably picturing a mom right now which she is, but she’s also our age and a knockout so let me explain what I mean when I say “motherly”. When I was young, if I was sick or had an injury my dad would either say “You’ll be fine” or “Spray some bactine on it”. Now whenever I am sick or have an ailment, Brett calls his mom and she literally has a cure for everything. He can tell her my skin is dry and cracking and she will say, “Oh tell Megan she needs a leaf from the Pennantia Baylisiana from the Three Kings Island off the coast of New Zealand.” Okay I definitely just googled “what is the rarest tree in the world” and used it’s details but I am really trying to drive home the point of how knowledgeable she is. It’s one of those mom qualities, just knowing everything about everything and Magenta also has that. I often joke that she’s like Dr Quinn Medicine woman. Magenta’s two cents always has a huge impact on me. The other day we were texting and I told her that I have been feeling so blah lately. When I was in radio, I was forced to get ready at least a couple times a week for a segment, an interview or because I was going out after work. These days, I go into work looking like a ball of trash. I don’t have to worry about any celebrities walking into my work now so who cares if my hair has been in a messy bun for 90 days straight. I never take selfies anymore so I’m never inclined to do my hair – I basically just save all my getting ready efforts for the weekend. I told her how I wanted to make more of an effort to look like myself during the week because then maybe I’d feel more like myself and she explained that she went through the same thing. She told me she fixed it by getting ready everyday even if it was just a little bit, maybe doing her hair and not her makeup or vice versa. She said it helped a lot. I took her advise and I’m on day 2 of putting myself together. I have worn boots to work two days in a row, and I’ve clipped three tracks into my hair and put it in a low fishtail braid and I have to admit, I feel better. It would help if I hadn’t already completely lost my summer tan but you can’t win em all.

I think I never bother getting ready because if I get ready I would want to go to happy hour after work instead of the gym, I’m not wasting clean hair on the treadmill but I need to live a little. I see girls that get helllllllla ready every single day and I’m like “how in the world do you have the energy for that” but I feel like that’s the whole point, look good feel good– feel energized. I’m sure Brett is appreciating it as well, the little extra effort. Let me clarify, it’s not like I was getting ready everyday before and now I’ve let myself go. I can guarantee we go back a year or two ago in my Instagram and all the selfies I posted were taken on a different day and I posted them on a day I looked homeless. This is a case of, I used to get ready a couple times during my work week and now I never do. Only now I can’t post selfies from previous days/weeks because I have a witness (Brett) who saw me leave the house in a totally different state.

Writing this blog brings me to another life tip. A friend of mine recently went through a breakup. She was sending some pretty aggressive texts to him and there was no end in sight. I suggested that instead of sending a plethora of texts she would later regret, instead just save what she wants to say in the notes of her phone. About a month later she said it was  great advice and that it was very therapeutic. She would write a draft text in her notes and go back to it every time she thought of something else and either added to it, or changed things. Writing things down, or in my case typing them out can work wonders. This website is kind of like my public journal and even though these type of entries aren’t the norm on my site, I hope they can be helpful to people who stop by to read them.

If you need a brow girl- I got you. If you need advise on what to take for your cold, send me your symptoms and I’ll ask Brett’s mom for you.

I set a goal to make more of an effort everyday in my appearance, now I’m setting a 2 post minimum goal for my site every day. If I’m trying to get this thing off the ground I can’t be wishy washy and inconsistent. That being said, do you want to hear about the vodka filled Christmas ornaments I just read about? STAND BY FOR SECOND POST OF THE DAY…..