I’m so confused by these pictures because they look small enough to hang on your tree AMIRIGHT?

Either way, I want them. Smirnoff is brilliant for this. These may not be small enough or light enough to hang from your tree, but they can definitely be Christmas ornaments that double as your favorite weekend pastime, #raging. According to the brand, these ornaments are filled with their gluten free, triple distilled non GMO vodka. These 750 ml bottles are going for $12.99 and are obviously only available for a limited time. Brett if you’re reading this, go to total wine and get me all of them. I feel like even after all the vodka is gone, these are still super cute to use as decoration. People that collect alcohol bottles are weird (shut up everyone that knows me and is thinking that I’m an empty wine bottle hoarder. I was planning on cutting those into cute candle holder things until I realized I don’t know how to do arts and crafts nor do I have a glass cutter) but I can get behind people collecting these.