This video gives me severe flashbacks of my middle school days. Hella crazy girls screaming at me and chasing me to the light rail station. Yea, that’s real life. Danielle….Bad Bhabie, Cash Me Outside Girl, whatever we are calling her, she’s crazy. She is a young girl living in a world of adults and she does not know how to act, nor does she try. She was at Cardi B’s Fashion Nova event when Iggy Azalea showed up. Iggy had previously said some stuff about Danielle and her tour so Danielle felt that it was appropriate to throw a full drink (that she later confirms is water) at her.

Let’s dissect.

Danielle (because I refuse to refer to her as Bad Bhabie this entire post) throws the drink at Iggy and her team and immediately starts laughing. This moment to me, really brought me back down to reality and reminded me that she is just a 15 year old girl.

The drink didn’t really hit Iggy, maybe a few drops, but most of it got the people in front of her.

Next Danielle does that thing where she knows her security is going to hold her back so she goes full blown crazy on Iggy. She might as well throw in a cliché “You’re lucky they’re holding me back!!!!!!” It reminds me of this….

When TMZ cash’s Danielle outside, she does what she does best…..runs her damnnnn mouth. Someone steps in from her team and tries to shut her up but we all know that’s an impossible task so she continues to walk and talk while trying to get into cars that aren’t hers. Pretty funny actually, and again shows her age.

Iggy comes out of the party later and laughs the whole situation off. Says the drink didn’t touch her, says that Danielle is a little girl. You can watch both of the clips HERE.

The conclusion, Danielle is embarrassing for acting that way and Iggy is embarrassing for pretending she’s a nice person after it all goes down. They both suck. The end.