I have never been a Walmart shopper, first of all there isn’t even one nearby anymore since the Watt location closed. I seriously do not know where the closest one is to where I live but I have been dying to go because my friend Jen got a mattress topper from there and I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud. Now I have even more reason to go becasueeeee their new marketplace pizza, sounds bomb. I’m guessing “marketplace” is like their very own brand of food.

Every time I am hungover I want a breakfast sandwich which lately, has been coming from La Bou. They also have a breakfast pizza that sounds so good but it isn’t. Every time Brett and I order it, we are reminded of how disgusting it is, but it has potential to be great. Insert this new pizza at Walmart that we must try. The crust is dough mixed with the makings of a biscuit, already sold. Not only is there cheese but there’s also a Monterey Jack cheese SAUCE. There’s also bacon crumbles which looks more like sausage in the picture (which I would prefer) and scrambled eggs on top. YUM. You can get this bad boy for $7 but only for a limited time.