This marketing is SPOT FUCKING ON. This is how you get people talking. Burger King knows that your dogs look at you with those sad eyes when you’re eating something yummy and they aren’t. So they invented the “Dogpper” which is obviously a play on words to the Whopper. It’s a dog bone that has a flame grilled beef taste and it’s exclusively available when you order BK through Door Dash. According to Delish,

“If you’re a new DoorDash customer, you can get free delivery, as well, with an order of $10 or more. To redeem the free delivery, use the promo code DOGPPER beginning today through December 4. ”

Check out the video that will pull at your heartstrings and make you order BK for dinner tonight so you can score one of these bones OR if you aren’t a dog owner, it’ll make you go out and buy a dog and THEN order BK through Door Dash.