Music videos, I don’t really watch them anymore unless there’s a buzz around them like most Lil Dicky videos (I could watch the “Freaky Friday” and “Save Dat Money” videos over and over). Ariana killed it with the “Thank You, Next” video she’s been teasing for a few weeks now.

The theme had me feeling super nostalgic because it was based off some of the best movies from my teenage years. You will see pay tribute to “Mean Girls”, “Legally Blonde”, “13 going on 30” and “Bring it On”! There are some pretty great cameos in it too. I always forget how flawless Ariana Grande is, she doesn’t post a ton of thirst traps online like a lot of other celebrities do. It’s a lot of videos of animals and promoting her music so it’s nice to see something all about her. This is definitely one of those videos I will watch more than once. Make sure you stay till the end.

Also, I’m shocked by how much that girl looks like Lindsay Lohan.