This is a pretty cool promotion, especially since it’s a grip to go to the movies. That’s why we normally keep our movie dates to strictly Tuesday nights when it’s discount days, but then we get wine and it still costs about $30.

Beginning today, if you get Subway’s Fresh Fit For Kids meal, you will also get a code for a free kids movie ticket to see “Mary Poppins” from Fandango. The kids meal normally comes with a mini sandwich, apple slices and low fat milk or fruit punch. They are even throwing in something extra when you get the kids meal, one of four collectible “Mary Poppins Returns” greeting cards.

So here’s what you need to know. The movie comes out on December 19th and the promotion runs from today until January 7th so you have pleeenttty of time. You order the meal, they give you a code and you redeem the code on or through the Fandango app.  I can’t wait to see the new movie, the old one was something I watched just about everyday! Unfortunately this promotion is for kids only so it looks like I’ll have to buy my ticket.