I don’t even know what’s happening right now. Where I normally write my posts, looks totally different than it did before. STRESSSSSSS. Stress for the past 9 days, actually. 

What had happened was, this guy I’m friends with on social media built my website for me. I didn’t realize that meant my site was on his server and he basically had full blown access to everything. That also meant that if I got hacked, the only way to get un-hacked was for him to fix it for me. The night before my website was gone, I had a meeting with a friend who tried to do business with the guy who built my website and it didn’t work out. I said to him, “Maybe I should think about hosting my site somewhere else in case he falls off the map.” THE VERY NEXT DAY, my website was gone. No big deal right? I’ll just call the number on the error message on my site and get it fixed. Nope. Because my name isn’t on the server where my site was hosted, I didn’t have access. Okay cool so I’ll just contact the guy who build my site and have him fix it and detach me from his server so I can do my own thing. Wrong again. I must have texted him 20 times, called him, left messages, DM’d him on Instagram, emailed him. Nothing, radio silence. I must have spent 15 hours eassssssyyy on the phone with the company his server was managed on (I don’t know if I’m even saying that right).  Talked to one person who said they could do it before realizing they couldn’t, talked to multiple managers in multiple different departments. Finally, one guy said if I could figure out the guys mother’s maiden name, I could gain access to my site and get it’s contents. Brett and I spent hours trying to figure out his mother’s maiden name but we were coming up short. We did however figure out her first name and where she lives. I then forwarded that info over to my sister in law who is the master creep. All thanks to her, I got the mother’s maiden name, and got the contents of my site back. I had to switch my account over to a new server, pay for them to migrate my site and pay for it to be hosted there going forward. All of this cost wayyyy too much money during the holidays but I can happily say that I’m back in business. 

Things just look a little different now and I’m not sure why. My logo is gone because it was on his server which I still don’t have access to and probably will never because he’s dropped off the face of the earth. I figured out how to reconnect my Facebook on my site and a few other little things that needed fixing. Moral of the story is don’t let random people you don’t know from the internet, do things for you for free. But also….can someone I don’t know from the internet who is reading this make me a new logo? Or someone I do know, I just need a new logo at the top of my page because right now it looks janky AF. I also bought a “WordPress for Dummies” book awhile back and I really need to dig that out and get to reading since I will be the person to maintain and make changes to my site going forward. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up being really good at it and change my career path (again) to website builder/designer/ creator. 

While I’ve been out of commission, I have missed a lot of great entertainment news. The Kevin Hart thing, Cardi B and Offset, the kid getting chased by the turkey. What’s done is done, what’s happened has happened but not being able to post and actually getting my website back (which didn’t look promising for a few days there) has made me want to carve out wayyyy more time my life for this. Oh and to the guy who built my site, if you ever see this, fuck yo couch.¬†

OH OH and to the people who hacked my site and tried to sell pharmaceuticals through it, fuck you too. #rage