I love that every time I go to DOCO, I see new things opening. I recently tried out Fizz Champagne Bar, which I felt like I was waiting for FOREVER. It was cute, they were out of everything I wanted to try but I’d give it another shot. I feel like the things I was so excited about when the arena first opened, are old news now. This is good for all of us who love to go there though, more options means less of a crowd. When Sauced first opened you couldn’t get a drink, then it moved to Punchbowl, then The Sawyer, now Yardhouse. But, there’s about to be a new kid on the block that the crowds will flock to. 

Flatstick Pub originated in Seattle, according to ABC 10, Jennifer Robinson, her and her husband are the ones who decided to bring it to Sac. When they first visited, they were on the hunt for something fun to do while having some beers. They came across Flatstick and now they are bringing it here, right to DOCO on 630 K Street, between T-Mobile and the Kings Store. Robinson is from Sacramento and is excited to bring the Flatstick motto, “Drink Local, Putt Tipsy” to the area. There’s more good news, you aren’t going to pay the price of drinking in that area, no outrageously prices beers on the menu. Two levels, 40 bar taps with beer and wine, coming to a DOCO near you. 

Here’s a pic of another location, giving you an idea of what it will be like inside.