Last year, a documentary came out about Laci Peterson’s murder and in some ways, Scott Peterson’s innocence. I knew about the story of course, I think everyone in America does but I had never really learned a ton of the facts about what happened. The first few episodes of the doc, I was convinced (as I always have been) that he did it. By the second to last episode I was questioning it and by the end, I was full blown doubting the fact that he was in prison for a murder he committed. 

I posted this on Instagram and it got the most action out of anything I’ve ever posted. I mean just click on it and read the comments. 

It’s been awhile since I watched it and it was so good, I’d watch it again but I remember thinking he was innocent at the end because you couldn’t tell me HOW he did it, WHEN he did it and WHERE he did it. There were also leads that were never followed up on and things that just didn’t make sense. Like how he got himself and the body into his small fishing boat without it flipping over. Now, 16 years later, his sister is on Dr Phil with new evidence that she thinks proves his evidence. I don’t think that this alone will prove anything, but I think along with everything else, it helps. Check out the clip HERE