Let me just say, what I”m looking forward to most in the new year, is the return of “The Bachelor”. I have been so busy at work, and too tired at night to enjoy any type of TV (or post) and with the Fall/Winter break, all my favorite shows are on hiatus anyways so I”m excited to get back on track.

Colton was not my first pick for bachelor but hey, you win some you lose some. I’m really going to count on him being awkward, losing his virginity on national TV anddddd this girl to get me through the season. Meet Bri. Bri has gone viral because of this clip from the premiere that will air on Monday.

I seriously cannot waittttt to see how the conversation goes down when she breaks the news that she’s actually from America. Part of me hopes that she keeps this lie up all season and then she’s one of the final two and he finds out the truth and sends her home making this season THE MOST dramatic season of the “The Bachelor’ yet.

The only thing that’s going to SUCK about the premiere of the Bach, is dry January. Waaa waaaaaa. Top 5 fav things to do in life, drunk tweet during the show, especially on the first night.