I had zero desire to see “A Star Is Born”. Two of my friends invited me to go and I declined but then Brett and I got in an argument and I needed to leave the house. I love seeing movies by myself, unfortunately I discovered this right before I met Brett so I don’t really do anything by myself anymore. I left the house and decided to hit up Fandango and see what was playing that still had available seating left, since you can’t just go see a movie spontaneously anymore. Everything has to be pre booked, pre paid, pre blah.

The only movie that was playing and had seats available was, bitch you guessed it, “A Star Is Born”. I reluctantly bought a ticket and sat on the end next to a couple who was looking at me as if I was really pathetic. The movie hooked me from the very beginning and I won’t go into detail about the plot or ending because I realize some people haven’t seen it but omg, I cried like a baby through a majority of it.

There’s a pivotal scene where Lady Gaga (Ally) and Bradley Cooper (Jackson Maine) go outside to talk and Ally’s first billboard is towering over the streets of Los Angeles. It’s just her face, with the word “Ally” displayed on it but it means so much because in the movie, she’s made it. Today, people spotted that exact billboard, in the exact same spot as it is in the movie– maybe just a little lower to the ground. People are freaking out and the timing of this could’t be more perfect. “A Star Is Born” is nominated for 5 awards at this Sunday’s Golden Globes and Gaga is up for “Best Actress In A Drama”. I’ve never watched the Golden Globes because I feel like they are normally boring, but I will watch them for Gaga which is insane of me to say because before the movie, I really didn’t like her ….at all. So thank you Brett, thank you for pissing me off that day and causing me to go to the movies by myself.

Here are some of the pics from the billboard sightings.