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I love Costco (just not their lines) and I love cheese. I could literally never be Vegan because I eat so much cheese, I do however support it and think the people who do it are STRONG AF because I’m sure it isn’t easy.

Costco has two things I want but only one that I’ll probably actually get. We will start with that one.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you….a 27 pound tub of mac and cheese from Costco.

According to Delish, it has a 20 year shelf life and it’s $90. This 180 serving tub can only be ordered online and the reviews are shockingly really good.

•Elbow Pasta: 180 Servings

•Cheddar Cheese Sauce: 180 Serving

•Easy to open zip-seal Metalite™ pouches

•The Cheese and Pasta are packaged in separate bulk Metalite™ pouches with oxygen absorbers, to protect the quality and ensure a long shelf life

•Heavy Duty 6-gallon bucket with gamma lid (Transportable & Stackable) 

•Shelf Life – Up to 20 years – if stored in a dry, cool environment

Preeeeettttttyyyy sure if we host any huge events this year, we will be getting this. Considering we didn’t even have 180 people to serve at our wedding, that’s looking highly unlikely.

The next cheesy item is on my shopping list for this weekend. Folios Cheese Wraps are perfect if you’re trying to cut back on carbs. The last time I wore a crop top was toooooooo long ago and I’m too far gone so I’m desperately trying to eliminate carbs. We have been sticking to fresh salads for lunch and dinner and while they were great the first couple days, I’m sick of them and it’s only Thursday. I’m always looking for a carb substitute and this one looks right up my ally.

They come in 3 different flavors, cheddar, parmesan, and jarlsberg. They are naturally lactose and gluten free with no starch, wheat, flour, fillers, or added sugars. The packaging suggests microwaving them to make them crisp and then using them to make a burrito, form a cheesy burrito bowl or even break up and sprinkle over a salad. You can also eat them cold.