I wish there was a new coffee creamer flavor to try every time I went to the grocery store. Next time you’re there, you should see two new flavors on the shelf, Snickers and Dove Dark Chocolate Almond. YUMMMM.

Coffee Mate is stepping up it’s game to keep up with International Delights who has been rolling out the favorites from the candy and cookie department the past couple months.

I love coffee creamer but have you been to STARBUCKS lately? I don’t even really think about them anymore, I’m over all their fancy new flavors but I effed up my coffee the other morning and had to stop in and





You have to go try the new Cinnamon Shortbread Latte, it’s buttery and creamy and so tasty. I think I drank it in less than two minutes and I’m going back to get another today during happy hour.

Coffee Mate and International Delights, one of y’all better come out with a Butterfinger flavor otherwise I’m never buying coffee creamer again.