I am behinddddd on my TV shows, there are so many good shows on right now and I am slippin on the 6 part R. Kelly doc. Brett and I had a major winter cleaning day a couple weeks back and the agreement was he would rake all the leaves outside (there was a ton, it took him like 5 hours) and I would deep clean the inside. While I was cleaning I put on part 1 of the documentary and watched half of part 2 before Brett caught wind of what kind of operation I was running inside and laid down the law.

“Why are you watching this without me? Turn it off now!”

So now I’m just waiting for Brett to clear his busy schedule of playing golf on his phone to watch it. I know enough about it for these pictures to give me severe anxiety.

TMZ obtained pictures from his recording studio in Chicago that was recently raided by Chicago officials. It’s clear from the pictures that not only were people living there, but R. Kelly didn’t see nothing wrong with a little hoarding. The inside looks like it’s TRAPPED IN THE 90’s, curtains all over the place, outdated furniture that is falling apart. There’s a lot going on inside but one thing is for sure, it’s not up to code. You’d think they would shut it down completely but he’s still able to use it, strictly as a recording studio between the hours of 9-5.

You can see the pics HERE.