If you’ve never been to a Buffalo Wild Wings on Super Bowl Sunday, lemme tell you, its packed. I think it was 2 years ago now when I went to the one in Natomas for half of the game and then tried to rush to Elk Grove to watch the second half with my best friend and ran out of gas and ended up missing the entire second half. “I know my car”….never again.

According to BWW, they sold 14 million traditional and boneless wings last Super Bowl, can you even imagine? This year they are doing something that will even benefit you if you don’t plan on eating at the chain next Sunday. If the game goes into overtime, EVERYONE in America can cash in on a snack size order of wings which is 5 wings.

You have to wait until Feb 18th between 4-7pm and you don’t have to buy anything else to claim the order. Busiest day for BWW, Super Bowl Sunday. Second busiest day for BWW, the day they give free snack size wings for FREE. Now everyone just cross your fingers for a great game that goes into OT.