When I first saw this headline I was like “HAYYYYY” because I was excited about Cardi in Vegas but then when I read the article I was like “HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY” because the residency is at a brand new day club/ night club at the Palms, KAOS.  

Cardi’s residency is part of the Palms’ $690 million renovation plan. Apparently the venue is going to include a 360 stage and the concert experience is going to be super innovative. Not too many details about her residency have been disclosed but what we do know, is that G Eazy, Kaskade and Skrillex have been locked down for shows at KAOS as well.

Hi Brett, if you’re reading this….WE ARE GOING THERE THIS SUMMER. I HAVE TO SEE CARDI.

The venue is set to open this Spring. OKKKURRRRR.

Before hitting post, I decided to do some research on this new venue and look at how it’s being described on Las Vegas Weekly.

“Imagine attending a Las Vegas pool party in the shadow of British artist Damien Hirst’s eerie, six-story sculpture “Demon with Bowl.” You look around to see layers of private cabanas—39 of them across multiple levels—with sparkling glass pools jutting out over and around the crowd, people dancing and splashing inside them. This could happen at KAOS’ “luxe Greek-inspired oasis” dayclub, as most of its cabanas will feature cantilevered glass pools. Besides the rotating DJ booth that sits at the center of the indoor and outdoor areas, the pool club portion also features an additional stage and live entertainment performance space and “the city’s largest LED wall” on the eastern side of the hotel’s Ivory Tower, streaming live shots of the club for Vegas visitors outside the resort to enjoy.”