It’s 2:24pm on Monday and Kim Kardashian is in the building. Well not my building but she’s in Sacramento!! This is better than that time Channing Tatum was at TopGolf in Roseville.

I would DIE if I saw her, but the chances are, unless you’re in the Capitol building right now, you won’t. Luckily my friend Kara IS in the building and got these pics….

Kim’s in town meeting with legislatures to talk about how parolees should be able to vote, the “Free the Vote” campaign. That’s really all I really know and I wish I knew more…like what time she was walking out and where her plane was taking off from SO I COULD MEET HER. I know a lot of people hate on her, but I’m not one of them. I would freeeeeeeaaaak if I saw her.

Mannnn forget STORMWATCH2019, I’m retiring that, it’s #KIMWATCH2019. Who am I kidding? Her ass is probably going to get escorted out through the tunnel under the Capitol building (that’s a thing right?) and straight onto her PJ. I doubt anyone is going to bump into her at the Sawyer or Mikuni’s for happy hour. Can you even imagine?