What to write about, what toooo write about. I could hit Kraft or R Kelly or the Jordyn Woods drama and oh wait, there’s always Jussie Smollett but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD- I’m sick of hearing about all of this.

Instead of cruising all the entertainment sites, I went to twitter and Chrissy Teigen came through clutch with a great, light hearted subject to post about – – FOOD.

I try to be as low carb as possible, especially when I snack and pork rinds give me the crunch I craveeee. I recently picked up some really good ones at Costco, it was huge bag for like $6, sea salt flavor. I wouldn’t have minded a little more flavor though so I’m excited to try the one Chrissy Teigen posted last night. You can get them on Amazon for just under $12. Ill let you know how they are.