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Y’all …what the hell is happening in the world right now? If I was 80% of my friends, I’d be blaming it on mercury in retrograde but I don’t really know what that means and I don’t read my horoscope everyday soooo that puts me in a category outside of people who blame life imbalances on mercury being in retrograde.

Let’s start with the obvious. Who would have ever guessed that Lori Loughlin would be one of the biggest headlines in the news? I feel like this scandal doesn’t hit as big of a cord with me as it has with some of my friends because I didn’t go to college. I’m not paying off massive student loans and I didn’t feel the pressure of getting into the best University. Of course I thought the scandal was….scandalous (see, didn’t go to college) but it wasn’t until I saw this post on Frances Wang’s Instagram that this turned into more than just a huge headline for me.

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Think of all the people who deserved to get into these schools but weren’t able to because of the selfishness of these people with money. CNN described it perfectly, “a corrupt exchange of wealth, fame and influence for student admissions to the nation’s most elite universities”. People from these elite universities will soon have to answer whether or not qualified students were denied so that the sons and daughters of the rich and famous could be granted a spot. Side note, how the hell did I not know that Aunt Becky was married to Mossimo? Where the hell have I been? Also, does this mean they are going to have to kill her off on “Fuller House” because that would be insane. If you want to read more about this, CNN has a lot of great articles that go into great detail about how all of this was pulled off, it’s pretty insane, seems more like a movie plot than real life. In fact, I’m sure one day it will be.


I really wish I would have gone to college, everything my dad said when I was younger was exactly what I should have done. I mean he would have had to sell a kidney to get my ass into ARC (kidding), but having a degree would help me so much right now. I in no way shape or form regret my life path, I was lucky enough to have my dream job for many many years. Having to step away from that job (for now) and get an entry level state job is literally my nightmare. If I had a degree, I would be able to do the job I’m capable of doing instead of doing the job I’m actually doing. I got screamed at by one woman today for 8 minutes and 27 seconds only to have HER hang up on ME. I talked to 174 angry ass people today and I had to be nice. Do you know how hard that is for me? I literally want to spend the rest of my night playing the quiet game because of how much I have to talk at work AND I WAS ON A RADIO SHOW PREVIOUSLY. The irony. Is this the punishment for enjoying my job for so many years? Is this supposed to ground me like the 737 Max 8? We will get into that later.

Thankfully this week I’ve had things to look forward to, like the finale of “The Bachelor”. I read what happened at the end, who Colton picked about a month before the season even premiered. Luckily before the premiere, I forgot who the winner was, I only remembered the circumstances in which she “won”. I really need to stop doing that, reading huge spoilers, but it’s so hard to stay away. I was screaming at my TV and telling Colton he was making a huge mistake, but in the end I think he made the right one. Every season people complain about how quick and unrealistic this process is, how 6 or 8 weeks in complete paradise isn’t the real world. Cassie felt that and expressed her concerns and the whole world was attacking her. The whole world HAHAHA, okay the whole America.

I think they looked pretty in love last night and although a lot of my friends are betting against them, I think they are going the distance. “A lot of my friends” = my ONE friend Amber doesn’t think they will last 6 months. I was also pumped about Hannah B as the next bachelorette until I was reminded how awkward she can be. If you missed it, you’re welcome.

I am pretty happy about her getting this “crown” over Caelynn because it’s so obvious that Caelynn thinks she is so much better than Hannah. Plus, the fact that Caelynn hasn’t publicly congratulated her oozes jealousy. I am writing about these people like a 40 year old virgin (male obvi) who is sitting in a basement somewhere surrounded by beanie babies. I need to get a life.

All the people who go on that show become insta famous which = loads of endorsements. Loads of endorsements means you never have to spend your own money on things you need so you can spend it on things you don’t need. Speaking of #ads online, I had a couple companies reach out to me recently. I was excited to get some free workout pants that I haven’t posted about yet because they shipped from China and I’m dreading being disappointed by them. Also whenever I get something from china I need to size about 78 sizes up and I didn’t with these because I didn’t realize they were coming from China. Have you ever bought anything off Cupshe? Hella cute swimsuits but I have to size wayyyyy up. The tag doesn’t even say a size when I get them, they just say “precious” on them.

I also got some cat litter that is supposed to help you detect if your cat is sick or unhealthy by changing color and some cat food from the same company. It took me over a week to even open the cat food bag because I drummed up some conspiracy about them trying to poison chuck all because I couldn’t find a review for the food online. I finally let him try it yesterday after I reminded myself that I ain’t shit and nobody is out to poison my cat. I haven’t tried the litter yet because Chuck has had an eye infection and I didn’t want to change too much of what he was used to because he was already feeling uncomfortable. The reviews I have read so far are mixed but they want to me to leave an honest review on my platforms so I will. I’m hoping the litter is a huge success in this household because I am always worried that something is wrong with Chuck so I’d love to have some peace of mind on that front. Our animals can’t talk to us, but they can pee on color changing litter to let us know something is wrong. Ahh 2019.

Last but not least, I ain’t never trying to fly again. A possible software or sensor issue that is making planes nosedive? Boeing is saying they can do a software update that will prevent another nosedive when the software fails or crashes but hello, this isn’t windows 7, I’m not comforted by a software update on something that is 40,000ft in the air. Those 737 Max 8’s are grounded and I never want to fly again which is essentially impossible since half of my life is now connected to England. ANDDDD I will walk 5,000 miles and I will walk 5,000 more.