I posted this video like a week ago when I first saw it and I was shocked by the amount of people who didn’t seem to care. I’m solely basing everyone not caring by the amount of likes I didn’t get when I posted it – – I know, Facebook is a dying platform for stuff like that but whatever.

Post Malone cared because not only did he post it on his Instagram…

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(BIG fucking mood)

Posty also flew this guy out (his name is Mike Alancourt btw and he’s 40) and had him be the 2nd biggest star in the “Wow” video. Whats cool is this all happened this past Sunday and the video was already shot. Changes were made so Mike could be in the video and he’s in a good portion of it. I think its dopppppppe but I have to be honest, the dance is more impressive when he isn’t doing it alone. Check it…..

This is for sureeee the best story of the week.