NOW THIS I WANT TO SEE!!!!! Kanye had originally said he wouldn’t perform at Coachella because they wouldn’t give him the stage he wanted. Now it sounds like not only will he be performing, but he will be performing WAY before Coachella normally kicks off for the day. I’ve never been but I didn’t know that there was a start/stop time. I always feel like I see people watching performances all night and then just roll right into the next day. Or at least that’s what it seems like. Anyways, it wouldn’t be Kanye if it wasn’t extraordinary.

Kanye has been holding Sunday service since January and I love watching the videos that get posted, I can’t imagine being able to witness it in real life at sunrise in the middle of nowhere. Talk about an experience. Kanye announced the performance in this video….

Sunday Service….on Easter Sunday….at SUNRISE….DURING COACHELLA? Everyone who has a ticket to week 2 of Coachella is in for a fucking treat.

The official Coachella Twitter followed the announcement with this post…