HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!! Bud Light Orange was my jammmm, still is actually, that’s why I paid $34 for one at Encore Beach Club in Vegas. Yea, that’s real life. I love lemon and I love tea and I especially love lemon tea so I have a feeling that lemon tea Bud Light is going to tickle all my taste buds. According to the press release,Β the light lager is brewed with real lemon peels, aged tea leaves, and has an authentic zesty flavor. YUM.

It hits shelves on April 29th (the day before my bday so if anyone wants to get me a 6 pack as a gift, I’m down). Some people have managed to get their hands on it, prior to the release and so far, the reviews look good.

Bud Light said in a statement, “We saw the success of Bud Light Lime and Orange last summer and wanted to bring another beer into our portfolio.” This summer drink will be available for a limited time.