I just literally starred at the YouTube video that counted down the minutes and seconds to Taylor Swifts new music video for “ME!” Apparently the all caps and exclamation point is super important.

I have to say I have never waited for the premiere of a music video like that and it didn’t disappoint. While I’m not initially obsessed with the song, I can tell it’s one that is going to grow on me. I really enjoyed the song for the 50 shades movie, like REALLY enjoyed it and it’s impossible to top that in my book so I’m a tough critic. Like every Taylor song, it’s super catchy and I love that there is lots of CATS in the video! Brandon Urie from Panic! is a good touch and the music video looked super fun to shoot – – so colorful and again, CATS! It’s crazy to think about how many people were just watching that video at the same damn time, star power at it’s finest. That had to have broken some type of record. Okay….here it is, the T Swift summer anthem, “ME!”….