I love reading about show theories, mainly because they aren’t normally true and it’s fun to think about all the possibilities. Really though, when have you ever read a theory about the finale of a show that’s been true? I can’t think of any, the show writers are too clever to make it any type of predictable.

Up until this point I haven’t really been a fan of the final season of “Game Of Thrones”. I know that shows can’t all end happy go lucky and everyone wins, but this season has been slightly anti climatic which is crazy to say since there has been a ton of action but to be fair, I couldn’t see one of those action packed episodes. SPOILERS AHEAD….

Why else has it been anti climatic? Oh just one of the biggest villains of the entire show dying by rock. I know some people have said we didn’t actually see her die but how the hell would she have survived that? I just feel like this last episode, so much fell to shit and there was some lazy endings to the lives of some of my favorite characters. I get it, the hound fell into what he feared the most to make sure his brother died. I get it, Jamie died with the one he has loved from the beginning but what about BRIENNE OF TARTH?

Also do I need to even mention the Starbucks cup in the previous episode and Jamie still having his hand in this past Sunday’s episode. LAZY. I just feel like GOT is the greatest show of all time and they aren’t living up to that title on the season that should exceed the rest by leaps and bounds. Just in case anyone who doesn’t watch the show is reading this (which I highly doubt) I know you’re holding out just because theres like 5% of the population who is proud of not watching it, but you really should.

Popsugar posted a really great article about 5 fan finale theories and 4/5 ain’t bad. You can check them out HERE.

But wait….one.more.thing……