This is AWESOME. Apparently Pringles did this last year in Canada and it was a hit and I can see why. So here’s how it works. Pringles is releasing a Mystery flavor specifically to Walgreens through July 30th. You have to figure out what the mystery flavor is and submit your guess through August 13th to win $10,000! You also have to submit proof of purchase through the website, so save your receipt, It’s one guess for each time you purchase a container of the mystery flavor and limit one guess per day.

They are announcing the winner just 5 days later on the 18th. You can click HERE to place your guess.

According to Delish, you really have to think outside of the box, the mystery flavor in Canada last year was 7 Layer Dip– so it’s v specific.

I LOVE a chip challenge so I am all over this. I’m about to make sure my palate is cleansed and eat as many of these as necessary to figure it out. SAY I WON’T.