I treated myself to the S’mores frap on my birthday which was also the day it came out which was ALSO the day I was sick and couldn’t taste anything but I know it was good.

Now, I would continue to drink these on a regular basis but #calories so I was excited to read that there is Starbucks Golden S’mores coffee is in stores now. Brett and I got in a Lyft the other night and the guy was telling us how he lost a ton of weight and he mainly just stopped drinking Starbucks everyday. I asked him what his order was and he said he got a frap a day. I know they are bad but when he showed us what he looked like before, it put just how bad they are into perspective. So if you’re like me and you’d love to be able to drink Frappuccinos everyday but also know you’ll end up on “My 600 Lb Life” then you should prob just get this coffee. It is available on Amazon (CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE) but hot damnnnnnn it’s expensive. I’m going to need to talk it over with my associate before I pull the trigger on this purchase. Aka I gotta ask Brett if we can get it. I wish I could just try one cup. One girl, one cup.