First of all, I was a little late to the “Old Town Road” party. I had heard it, and then heard there was a remix with Billy Ray but I didn’t really pay much attention until I heard it when I was at Encore Beach Club in Vegas. It came on and everyone went nuts. You know how some songs remind you of situations and that’s why you like them? Like Jodeci “Come and Talk to Me” will forever be the first song I ever couple skated too? “Old Town Road” will always remind me of that moment in Vegas…it was nuts.

Then the video came out, pure genius and a lot longer than the song. It also comes with some hilarious cameos by Chris Rock and Diplo to name a few. If you haven’t seen it yet….

Notice the Maserati that Billy Ray is driving? Well Lil Nas X bought him that to celebrate OTR being 1st on the Billboard hot 100 list for the seventh week in a row. NUTS. What an unlikely but amazing pair. TMZ has a video of the surprise, you can see it HERE.