HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I love this because Jenelle acts so big and bad on social media and when she’s arguing with her elderly mother but when she’s confronted unexpectedly and in real life, she chokes up, denies and cries.

Taping of the “Teen Mom 2” reunion is the last time we will likely see Jenelle on the MTV stage after what her husband did that caused her to be fired from the show. I highly doubt you missed all that but ICYMI- he shot their family dog in their yard after it snapped at their young daughter. When I say snapped, I more so mean yipped…it was harmless and what he did is disgusting. They have now lost custody of all the kids that lived in their house and Jenelle was fired from MTV, the network had already stopped filming her husband awhile back. The reunion show normally consists of Dr. Drew and Nessa who is the girlfriend of Colin Kaepernick.

Jenelle had posted some hateful comments about Colin on social media in the past and Nessa took this time and used her platform to address the situation and Jenelle’s reaction is PRICELESS. I will say that all of the people on Teen Mom post a lot of spammy click bait, I don’t really know what that is all about but you can differentiate the real from the fake. The stuff that is posted by them and the stuff that isn’t. You can tell those posts were actually from Jenelle. Watch the drama unfold on stage between the two….

The post says “To be continued” which means Jenelle (hopefully) comes back out on stage and this conversation continues. I haven’t watched this season, I have a hard time keeping up with TM2, but I will absolutely tune into the reunion. I also love how Jenelle gets a good distance away and THEN gets loud.