I am guilty of seeing things on my timeline that I can’t watch at that moment so I will save them to watch later. 50/50 chance I will actually go back and watch them but the other night, I saw at least 12 people share a video from “America’s Got Talent” that I swore I would watch later. That later was today. Before even starting the video, I also swore to myself that I wouldn’t post about it on my website because everyone has likely already seen it but if you’re like me, and you wanted to watch it but needed that reminder, here is your reminder.

Let’s just start off with the video …it’s insane…..

First of all WOW. WOW WOW WOW. How incredible is that? Secondly, I love Gabrielle Union, like love her. She is new to the show and so early on, she gave out her well deserved “Golden Ticket” to Kodi Lee which means he’s guaranteed a spot in the live competition’s (I never watch this show so I had to figure out what was so great about the golden ticket).

The story gets even better because this isn’t Kodis first gig, he’s in a band that performs at an Irish pub in Murrieta, CA. According to TMZ, the band is called “Midnight Satellites” and before the show even aired, they had a gig lined up for June 6th. Since the episode, they have had hundreds of calls trying to reserve tables and ensure they get a seat at the show. GO KODI!

I might have to DVR this show, just to see what happens with him.