Costco, the place you can go for a 100 pound tub of Mac & Cheese, a $12 bottle of good ass vodka andddd now apparently expensive ass jewelry.

Holy engagement ring. I wish they had this bad boy in the store so I could actually see how big and clear it is in real life. That’s what she said. I said it’s $400,000 in the title, but it’s actually more. This 10.03 carat ring is actually $419,999,99, which I’m assuming can’t be bargained with like most rings/jewelry? I don’t really know how it all works, I just know that it’s shocking that Costco sells it. Oh and did I mention that there’s only one available?

Check it out HERE.

In case someone buys it and the link is taken down, here’s one of the pics they have on the website. INSANE.